Ideology [noun]

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Antifa does exist as a loose-knit ideology with some adherents who have engaged in violence.

It’s a little surprising to hear you say that Miller has a “firm ideology” because he built his reputation as a troll, and we don’t typically think of trolls as serious ideologues.

I always wonder with these alt-right types if they began as trolls and picked up a coherent ideology later or if it’s the other way around.

The ideologies of the party were less hard and fast 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, proposals have been raised year after year — on the basis of fiscal concerns, ideology or both — to limit the value of federal employment benefits or shift more of the cost to employees.

In such changes we see the collapse of "bourgeois ideology."

And the ideology has been carried to the extreme of calling the whole world an idea, a phantasmagoria.

They borrowed his phraseology and his distinctive idioms without adopting his ideology.

To Liebknecht all that Carlyle has said about heroes is contrary to ideology and inversion of the truth.

Michael has told me that he very soon felt that there wasn't much ideology or thought, foundation.