Idiocies [noun]

Definition of Idiocies:

utter stupidity

Synonyms of Idiocies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idiocies:

Sentence/Example of Idiocies:

The expulsion of the princes belongs to the same category of political idiocies with the pacte de famine.

Who has not groaned over the follies and idiocies that cling to us like the doggerel verses that hang about our memories?

He remained in a state of coma while the rest of the committee laughed over the familiar idiocies and debated a verdict.

On the stage in the room beyond, a fat woman, dressed in green and gauze, was singing faded idiocies.

And this is the result of half-a-dozen idiocies of Miss Abbott?

When will you get rid of your idiocies, and conduct yourself like a decent woman?

Each morning he gloomily recognized his idiocies of the evening before.

I knew very well that I was committing a folly; love is responsible for many such idiocies.