Idiomatic [adjective]

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Moreover, by the time he reaches college it is too late to teach him even common, idiomatic expressiveness.

All the truly idiomatic and national phrases are kept, and all others successively picked out and thrown away.

Numberless compound idiomatic phrases have also been given a place, in each case under the head of the significant word.

Thats idiomatic French, and means a good deal that you dont understand; I always use it to gals, especially when theyre pretty.

It was filled with jokes, beneath which were German notes explaining any difficult or idiomatic words and phrases.

With a few inaccuracies, they afford a very remarkable instance of idiomatic acquaintance with our tongue.

I may also state that the task of mastering the idiomatic eccentricities of the French language gave me some small inconvenience.

Aristophanes was one of the most idiomatic of classic authors, and he indulged in slang as well as in idiom.

Has the French language, in its idiomatic structure definite articles and indefinite, as in Latin?

I have already remarked that the great majority of our idiomatic Hibernian-English sayings are derived from the Irish language.