Idiopathic [adjective]

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This is an idiopathic disease of the blood-making organs, which is accompanied by an enormous increase in number of leukocytes.

It seems not unlikely that the underlying cause of so-called idiopathic insanity is usually some change within the brain cells.

Idiopathic is a word we medical men use to conceal our ignorance of the cause of disease.

Idiopathic diseases are those that have come of themselves, that is, without ascertainable cause.

The mental diseases that are of special interest in this respect are the so-called idiopathic insanities.

It is in these idiopathic insanities, then, that the careful observation of the clergyman is of special significance.

What cases of chloasma are included in the idiopathic group?

The idiopathic rashes, as inferred from the nature of the causes, are usually limited.

A removal of the cause in idiopathic rashes is all that is needed, the erythema sooner or later subsiding.

It is often idiopathic, and without apparent cause further than probably a hereditary predisposition.