Idiosyncrasies [noun]

Definition of Idiosyncrasies:

oddity, quirk

Synonyms of Idiosyncrasies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idiosyncrasies:

Sentence/Example of Idiosyncrasies:

This method can be applied in several different ways according to the idiosyncrasies of different students.

The Women of England, of whatever rank, studiously avoid peculiarities of dress or manner and repress idiosyncrasies of character.

And when ordinary fellows like you and me attempt to cope with their idiosyncrasies the result is bungling.

He was a secretive man who shared no secrets with his neighbors if he could help it, yet whose very idiosyncrasies betrayed them.

Their great scholars see their idiosyncrasies, and I can not begin to describe them.

And being human, the law has its idiosyncrasies, just as a man has his.

But Nick was not interested in the psychological idiosyncrasies of the Gusty family.

I don't exactly see whose business it is to investigate Mr. Maurice Kirkwood's idiosyncrasies and constitutional history.

I had no clue yet as to where his idiosyncrasies began and his self ended, and he, I surmised, was in the same stage towards me.

The men, however, soon learnt their idiosyncrasies, and it was a rare occurrence for casualties to be inflicted by them.