Idiots [noun]

Definition of Idiots:

very stupid person

Synonyms of Idiots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idiots:



Sentence/Example of Idiots:

Idiots blush seldom, blind people and hereditary albinos, a great deal.

Idiots and imbeciles have largely disappeared from country villages and small towns.

Idiots who went so far as to claim the whole city would be destroyed, just to make people do as they said.

Idiots, you will say, my dear sir or madame, to pick up this quarrel on such foolish grounds!

Idiots, whose minds are without action, dream like other men; therefore dreams are produced independent of the mind.

Idiots, epileptics, and deformed and crippled children were given no special consideration.

Idiots are especially apt at this kind of imitation; it affects outward acts but not the meaning of their performance.

Idiots almost unexceptionally have this vice, and in them there is no morality possible.

Idiots and imbecile persons likewise afford good evidence that laughter or smiling primarily expresses mere happiness or joy.

"The Society of Paralysed Idiots, your worship," whereat a rumble of suppressed laughter arose from the gallery.