Idlers [noun]

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But this alternately joyous and silent idler, this soldier of no regiment and no detail—was he playing a man's part in the war?

And meantime there goes the idler, who began life along with them—by your leave, a different picture.

The references towards the end are to the illustrations in the pages of The Idler.

Beside him sat Robert Bertram, the club idler, slender and languidly elegant.

Weel, time gaed by: and the idler sort commenced to think mair lichtly o' that black business.

But every idler had his firelock close at hand, and all the time the sentinels on the bastions kept a sharp lookout.

Every possession rightfully belongs to the productive worker and nothing to the unproductive idler.

Marten, on the other hand, was an idler, and never hunted at all if he could obtain food by any other means.

Johnson is religious through and through, but there are passages in the Rambler and Idler dark as starless, moonless midnight.

Who will plant the grain or the vine, if the field or the vineyard is to be an open pasture, which any idler may waste?