Idol [noun]

Definition of Idol:

person greatly admired

Synonyms of Idol:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idol:


Sentence/Example of Idol:

People made representational art—cave paintings of horses, ivory goddesses, lion-headed idols, showing artistic flair and imagination.

“You don’t age out of your passion,” Radha Blank shared with Robert Townsend, her filmmaking idol whose Hollywood Shuffle inspired her, during their spotlight discussion for the Urbanworld Film Festival last month.

In short, they will influence their followers – who follow suggestions and advice from their idols.

Working for his idol, though life-changing, is far from easy.

Second baseman Isan Diaz has a swing that resembles his idol Robinson Cano.

She thought the idol would consume them, for bachelor cooking was never intended for bachelor invalids.

He hath chosen strong wood, and that will not rot: the skilful workman seeketh how he may set up an idol that may not be moved.

If a nation hath changed their gods, and indeed they are not gods: but my people have changed their glory into an idol.

I am due to attend at twelve-forty-five in the state temple, where we sanctify some new idol.

Buzot adored Madame Roland as the inspiration of his mind, as the idol of his worship.