Idolater [noun]

Definition of Idolater:

person who does not believe in an orthodox religion

Synonyms of Idolater:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idolater:

Sentence/Example of Idolater:

Whoever praises Luther is a worse sinner than an idolater, perjurer, or thief.

And woe be to him who drives this confiding idolater back upon her technical obligations!

I have eaten him,' replied this wretched idolater, with a kind of ferocious and satisfied pride.

The youth was acquitted and was now a student of law, being no other than Shagarach's assistant and idolater, Aronson.

Him, this young idolater, I have seasoned for thee, dear gentle Sister of Sighs!

The dominie of the school at Linlithgow, Ninian Winzet by name, had lost his place for being an idolater.

Idolatry ought not only to be suppressed, but the idolater ought to die the death, unless we will accuse God.

I grant that; but yet the people may not be judges to their king to punish him, albeit he be an idolater.

The commandment, "The idolater shall die the death," is perpetual, as ye yourself have granted.

"You will ever remain a barbarian and an idolater," cried the Emperor, stepping out of the basilica.