Idolized [verb]

Definition of Idolized:

think of very highly; worship

Synonyms of Idolized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idolized:

Sentence/Example of Idolized:

One of the paradoxes about the United States is we idolize celebrity.

The young daughter was idolized by every one in her family and naturally inherited all their fortune after some ten years.

He was idolized by his mother, who had remained in France in order to preserve his fortune for him.

Mrs. Carter was a good-natured, loud-voiced woman, who idolized her son, and could not deny him anything.

For idolized though he is by the French people, he realizes their fickleness, and he knows that the Directory is jealous of him.

Yet she never once thought of blaming Raoul; nor for a moment did she feel displeased with her idolized son.

The anti-climax would be too intolerable; and her return might bring reproach upon her idolized husband.

A man so ready to serve anybody as he was idolized among frontiermen, whose gratitude is almost equal to their revenge.

The Jewish nation held him in high estimation, and almost idolized his memory.

The next moment the proud, stately old lady was sobbing on the breast of the son she idolized.