Idyll [noun]

Definition of Idyll:

pause, break

Synonyms of Idyll:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idyll:

Sentence/Example of Idyll:

The irony is that Paradise is anything but, especially for the characters whose hard work and impoverished lives sustain tourists’ idylls.

The approach came in handy while Strava-stalking my defector runner friends in their various idylls.

The old story of Boaz and Ruth grew beneath his hands into a delicious idyll of country life.

It shall be a poem, an idyll—far from all interruptions, far from intrigues!'

It seemed that she and I had been born brother and sister in some impossible pastoral idyll.

And what is one to say of the love idyll appended to the historical drama, in spite of history, in spite of the drama itself?

Possibly it might create a greater sensation if it were introduced to the world as Julia and Pausanias: an Idyll.

This defect, grounded in the essence of the pastoral idyll, has not been remedied by the whole art of poets.

He blushed at it like a maiden lady, in spite of its having a parallel in a beautiful idyll of Theocritus.

There is certainly no lack of either about this idyll of Elizabeth Kemp of the lissome limbs and auburn hair.