Idyllic [adjective]

Definition of Idyllic:

perfect; extremely pleasant

Synonyms of Idyllic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idyllic:

Sentence/Example of Idyllic:

Now, Lurie lives on an idyllic Caribbean island and spends much of his time painting.

The dry season, which runs November through March, can be idyllic and mild, with lows in the fifties and highs in the seventies.

This year, the selection committee submitted The Milkmaid, a beautifully shot, predominantly Hausa language thriller that follows two sisters who are thrust from their idyllic existence when insurgents attack their village.

Even though organizers of the 1977 Conference and Torch Relay leaned heavily into the idea of multiculturalism, it wasn’t idyllic, says Amira Rose Davis, assistant professor at Penn State University and co-host of the Burn It All Down podcast.

There a hearty welcome from his relations awaited him, and all the idyllic enjoyments of the country.

Then, as though grown weary of the idyllic romance she was composing, Fortune donned the tragic robes of Nemesis.

His projected trip around the world lost its charm in the light of this idyllic dream.

We may wish that he had left us a chapter of that idyllic journey, but it will never be written now.

In fact, her description of their life in the pretty chateau they have rented outside of Paris is quite idyllic.

It is a mere strip of villa and hotel-lined roadway with a delightful water front and a charming and idyllic background.