Ignorantly [adverb]

Definition of Ignorantly:

lightly; without care

Synonyms of Ignorantly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignorantly:

Sentence/Example of Ignorantly:

The other big reason a16z has turned its back on traditional media is because the firm, like many in the tech world, regards the press as ignorant and unfair.

I am accustomed to being called ignorant by readers, sometimes with good reason.

You can do it when the whole world is on your side, and when the whole world is ignorant and ignoring you.

I am ignorant about something virtually every reader knows, something enormously important.

He was an accomplished scholar, and he was as clean-souled as a child,—but not weakly or ignorantly so.

The private secretary was scientific—as a bookkeeper—but as a nurse she was ignorantly human.

Their decoration was either wilfully or ignorantly founded on the realism of the Middle Ages.

Instinctively they all knelt down together to discover, if possible, and administer ignorantly to, its wants.

They had ignorantly done something (I forget what) in the town, which barely brought them within the operation of the law.

They thought they were doing God a service, but they thought so ignorantly.