Ignored [verb]

Definition of Ignored:

disregard on purpose

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignored:

Sentence/Example of Ignored:

That’s why if you’re primarily targeting Gen Z, your business can’t afford to ignore TikTok.

He called for executives to ignore the distraction of the myriad social responsibilities that go beyond the legal minimum.

We’ve seen many universities ignore the warnings of behavioral scientists and reopen their campuses, only to have to quickly shut them back down.

Potts said she’d learned to tolerate and ignore sexual harassment, as most of her co-workers were men.

These traders often ignore legal requirements, like the know-your-customer laws that make many bigger cryptocurrency exchanges risky places to launder stolen billions.

Students have recklessly ignored social distancing rules by hosting and attending large gatherings without masks.

Assuming the landlord does not ignore the order, they can still collect some rent as outlined under fourth provision for renters pledging to make best efforts to pay at least partial the amount of rent.

That why he’s encouraging investors to “stay the course” and “ignore the news of market volatility that is a natural part of investing in equities.”

“Even if we ignored the political and legal obstacles, this is a really stupid idea,” said Richard Carson, an environmental and resource economist at the University of California, San Diego.

Facebook users the flagged the group and its event to Facebook so that it could be removed, but they were ignored until Wednesday, after three people had already been shot.