Ignoring [verb]

Definition of Ignoring:

disregard on purpose

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignoring:

Sentence/Example of Ignoring:

We call attention to this epidemic of violence because it is too-often ignored, because hostile legislation and policy make it worse, and because it must end.

As the dissent points out, the decision is not well grounded in precedent and ignores what the dissent rightly describes as a “mountain of rigorous evidence” that conversion therapy puts minors at risk of serious harms.

Bjerg’s solution was to eventually ignore the peanut gallery as much as possible, while also waxing philosophical by saying that irate fans really just “want us to do better.”

Even before it launched that, Snap hadn’t ignored the power of sound completely.

As you do not want to break off the friendship, ignoring the rudeness is the politest course — and requires no defense on your part.

Spotify, which competes with the Apple Music streaming service and has complained about the App Store’s fees and rules, called Wednesday’s changes “window dressing” that should be ignored by antitrust regulators.

Cramer was hammering the theme again last week, even criticizing Tesla for ignoring hydrogen.

Heterochromatin has largely been ignored by molecular biologists, who like to focus on the gene-rich euchromatin where most of the action is.

She fumed over those who ignored the science and didn’t follow the guidelines about social gatherings and masks.

First, it ignores the mismatch between social costs and risk.