Illegalities [noun]

Definition of Illegalities:


Opposite/Antonyms of Illegalities:

Sentence/Example of Illegalities:

Whenever a marriage can be set aside for some illegality, and is not, it will sustain her dower on his death.

Jansoulet adorning himself with Jenkins's ribbon might very well have been guilty of illegality.

Legality and illegality, those terms have no meaning to a man of the Industrial Workers of the World.

They delayed, however, from week to week, while they renewed their protests against the illegality of the court.

His reply was an urgent remonstrance against the resolution on the ground of illegality.

This high-handed proceeding was characterized by the greatest cruelty as well as illegality on the part of the Chief.

A more obstinate pupil might have altogether escaped the lesson in the present case by discovering its illegality.

This issue provoked the ministers to a course of the utmost illegality.

The poor beggars had civilized all the illegality out of the stock.

No little ingenuity was expended on both sides to show the legality or the illegality of the several decisions.