Illegitimate [adjective]

Definition of Illegitimate:

not legal

Synonyms of Illegitimate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illegitimate:

Sentence/Example of Illegitimate:

Anything they propose — whether it be policy, unity or accountability — is going to be viewed as illegitimate by a decent portion of Americans.

Some will dismiss my arguments as illegitimate simply because they come from the hated mainstream media.

By encouraging their followers to see their political opponents as illegitimate — and letting them follow that logic where it leads — Republicans have been flirting with this kind of anti-democratic behavior for years.

If we were to wake up tomorrow and decree that all NDAs are now defunct, companies would have both legitimate and illegitimate concerns.

Yanzhong Huang, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, says such fears are “not entirely illegitimate” given reports of similar incidents in mainland China.

At worst they make it through the system and we have an illegitimate outcome.

Estates sufficient to support the highest rank in the peerage were distributed among his illegitimate children.

To the class of mothers of illegitimate children the Commissioners devoted much attention.

We find it advising that the mothers of illegitimate children should, on this ground alone, not be granted outdoor relief.

The population tends slowly to increase; about 45% of the births are illegitimate, and males are more numerous than females.