Illegitimately [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Illegitimately:

They’re now pretty much alone among possible 2024 hopefuls in taking this one last stand against the results of an election that polls show a majority of the GOP base regards as illegitimate.

Going forward, Lamb predicted, those claiming the election was illegitimate “will make the same arguments.”

Yet, many Democrats continued to regard Hayes as an illegitimate president.

Google’s algorithms would, they said, easily detect and reject the illegitimate clicks—AdNauseam would be no match for Google’s sophisticated defenses.

This rigged and illegitimate process is wrong, and it follows a pattern of the majority leader and Senate Republicans abusing their power to break their own standards on Supreme Court nominations.

In many ways the position of the illegitimately born child, always sufficiently bad, has been rendered worse under war conditions.

The English law has always looked with great disfavor on the illegitimately born child.

Every illegitimately born child would be placed in a position of safety.

The will, which is illegitimately stretched to include feeling, is treated as the creator as well as the discerner of reality.

Should one happen to be illegitimately born, he is not eligible to a trade, though he even be holy.