Illiberal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Illiberal:

A certain sum of money,—by no means illiberal as a present,—he had already extracted from the old man.

Later in life he visited Cordova, already in its decline through the illiberal government of the Almoravid dynasty.

He is cold, selfish and illiberal in his views, possessed of but little talent, and a physiognomy innocent of expression.

I said that it was highly illiberal to make personal attacks on Mr. Bentham before a friend who held him in high estimation.

Such were the positive orders of that illiberal and corrupt minister,—Mr. Henry Dundas.

The educational party insisted that any measure which did not embrace the University was scanty and illiberal.

It never occurred to them that it was just possible that their narrow, illiberal views were not shared by everybody!

She had spoken of her to her aunt, who had again shown herself deplorably illiberal and incisive.

The slaveholders were more illiberal than the Abolitionists.

From the first, its management, to say the least, was faulty and illiberal.