Illicit [adjective]

Definition of Illicit:

not legal; forbidden

Synonyms of Illicit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illicit:

Sentence/Example of Illicit:

While Shorto is successful at finding out what his grandfather did — as well as the affairs he had, the people he swindled, the drinking problem that tanked his illicit career — he struggles to learn more about just who his grandfather was.

Not because I’m scrolling through friends’ kid photos or getting FOMO glimpsing everyone’s takeout or illicit trips or vaccine snaps.

I think many are used—at least in a transactions sense—mainly for illicit financing.

And, while Netflix’s Tiger King gave many of us something to binge during that initial shift to being home all the time, the Tiger King himself used illicit SEO tactics to mislead users searching for his main competitor.

Reddit and Facebook both use humans to moderate, and are in a seemingly never-ending fight to protect their users from illicit or biased content.

Whole fleets of boats with illicit cargoes had been passing and repassing between Kent and Picardy.

He is too scrupulous to seek to seduce the wife of another; he even fears to contract an illicit intimacy with a maid or a widow.

For his wifes and childrens sake he is sorely tempted to commit fraud, to tell falsehoods, and obtain illicit gains.

He forbade illicit trade and the receipt of presents, and secured the company's servants increased salaries.

The royal revenues suffered greatly by this illicit trade, and the royal agents accused the colonists of openly favoring it.