Illogical [adjective]

Definition of Illogical:

not making sense

Opposite/Antonyms of Illogical:

Sentence/Example of Illogical:

The latest app to catch an illogical ban from the Google Play Store is Element, an open source, end-to-end encrypted messaging client for the federated Matrix chat protocol.

For those of us outside a cult, it may seem illogical that followers continue believing a conspiracy when the biggest prediction has clearly failed to come true.

The nature of the times, the state of the science, and events large and small, logical and illogical, combined to make it all happen.

It just seems somewhat illogical and unfair for kids that families can be at beaches with no protocols, with packed parking lots.

The irregular in what should be regular, lack of form in what should be symmetrical—what can be more illogical and annoying?

They are such illogical fools; a logical fool in an office, with a lot of red tape, is conceivable.

There was not a weak place, not an illogical point, in the case he had disclosed against Carpenter.

Sometimes she indulged an angry jealousy, and then tried to persuade herself it was illogical.

For a man who thinks much, you're ridiculously illogical; got no proper sense of relative values.

The inference is an illogical one, but under the conditions inevitable.