Ills [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ills:

Nature, ever buoyant and imperative, does her best to remedy the ills created by "Man's inhumanity to Man."

To bear the ills and the wrongs of this life more patiently, in the hope of a future reward?

Her spirit had apparently achieved a perfect victory over all earthly ills.

In the blue cups of their blossoms the world quaffed oblivion of the ills of life.

Great trouble, the necessity of working, physical ills, have interfered with my proceedings.

Love episodes are responsible for most of the suicides in the young, while sickness and physical ills are the causes in the old.

Perhaps paciencia and amanh√£ have their utility, and enable the people to bear the ills they have.

Yes, in the name of the horrid ills that your race has made mine suffer, you shall die!

Will you hazard so desperate a step, while any portion of the ills you fly from, have no real existence?

"With all the ills the flesh is heir to," true health is a chimera, an existing state unknown to man.