Illuminated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Illuminated:

It is illuminating to see Glenn in the America of 1968, a very different place from the one that made him famous, campaigning for Bobby Kennedy on a civil rights platform.

Historically minded visitors to Rome as well as Roman-history enthusiasts will appreciate the erudition and context with which he illuminates one of the great stories — and personalities — of the ancient world.

Miard and Lacomme switched on their red-light head lamps to illuminate the treetops.

On select weekdays, a different fashion or entertainment personality will push the button that illuminates the facade, the retail version of ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange.

“A Burning,” by Megha MajumdarA riveting debut that illuminates three intertwined lives in contemporary India, including a woman whose offhand social media post prompts the government to pin a terrorist attack on her.

Some algebra illuminates this and hints at an underlying symmetry.

“We illuminate our work in ways where the different cross-functional teams, or the producers, have views that are specifically relevant to them so they can dive into the way that we organize our work and make decisions from those views,” she said.

The proteins dot the outside of neurons like motion-sensing lights and only illuminate the cell when it becomes active.

It is also interspersed with anecdotes from hospitality tastemakers and illuminates standout menus and design.

One early weeknight, two of us had the entire lounge, a stage set of arched ceilings and illuminated spirits, to ourselves.