Illuminati [noun]

Definition of Illuminati:

intellectual, very smart person

Synonyms of Illuminati:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illuminati:

Sentence/Example of Illuminati:

When Francis and Illuminato came before him they saluted him.

Francis and his companion Illuminato set out for Egypt with the intention of making straight for the Sultan.

With that final decision they filed solemnly away, leaving Francis, Illuminato and the Sultan alone.

So he took a close friend, Brother Illuminato, with him and they sailed away together over the seas.

Peractoque cursu, ad Angliam redi artis tu plenus, Toriosque (ut vulgo vocantur) qui adhuc cœcutiant et hallucinantur, illuminato.

He left him and went back with Illuminato from the Saracen host to the camp of the Crusaders.

Chains were brought and snapped upon the wrists and ankles of Francis and Illuminato.

"Do suffer us to go, we do not fear death," pleaded Francis and Illuminato, again and again.

To her he was always about Illuminato's age, a most beloved infant.

It gave him a disappointment ever new, that Illuminato should be so plain.