Illuminating [adjective]

Definition of Illuminating:

lighting up

Synonyms of Illuminating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illuminating:


Sentence/Example of Illuminating:

Nonetheless, Falk’s book offers an illuminating antidote to the “Dark Ages” myth.

Wishing you a hopeful and illuminating weekend, and a sweet holiday to all who celebrate.

This dark but illuminating return to his fictional roots is Perry at his representative best.

It’s an illuminating portrait not just of a writer but of a city, and it’s a kind of master class in how good critics think, work, and live.

They’re often illuminating, but they don’t have deeper meaning than stories that might have been published on the 99th or 74th anniversary of those events.

It was critical, curious, more than a little unfeeling—and relentlessly illuminating.

The rising moon shone full and square into the ravine, illuminating every inch of the ascent.

A new light flashed suddenly over the affair with a swift, illuminating brilliance—and I knew I was a fool, an utter fool!

Success will often follow upon replying in an illuminating way to some chance 300question of the child.

It is as beautiful in its simplicity and illuminating quality as any of the subsequent time.