Illumination [noun]

Definition of Illumination:

light; making light

Synonyms of Illumination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illumination:

Sentence/Example of Illumination:

The illumination of the darkness of this case is something we talked about.

Each individual pixel is a diode that provides its own illumination, so the screen doesn’t need a backlight.

The adolescent squid is transparent, but beneath its skin are light-reflecting pigments that, during its brief illumination, seemed to turn it to gold.

As scholar Adam Potkay noted in his 2007 book The Story of Joy, “joy is an illumination,” the ability to see beyond to something more.

The illumination comes not from the sun but from the infrared energy of the planet and its lower atmosphere.

The occupants of the room had been too absorbed with their own affairs to notice the gradual dimming of the illumination.

An illumination broke over his whole face when he saw her and joined her under the orange tree.

The intricate perforations of the lamp were inset with colored glass, and the result was a subdued and warm illumination.

The iris of the human eye dilates and contracts with every shift of illumination, and the Time Observatory had an iris too.

Nothing can be more beautiful of the kind than such an illumination seen from the ship.