Illuminative [adjective]

Definition of Illuminative:


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Sentence/Example of Illuminative:

Had it not been for occasional curt, illuminative questions, Peter Gross might have thought him asleep.

Here are two facts of the financial sort, sufficiently illuminative.

For his best romantic effects, like all great romance, are illuminative of life, and no mere idle games.

A few social customs may conclude this chapter, as illuminative of the times.

The fact that he does write in that mood points to the one illuminative truth now essential to be remembered.

Many spectators would find it merely morbid and gloomy; others would find it superlatively illuminative and eloquent.

I took a great interest in his conversation; it is so lucid, so well informed, so illuminative.

Your book on the Italian poets is one of the most charmingly sympathetic and illuminative bits of criticism that I know.

Russell, seeking an illuminative phrase, gave vent to a long-drawn, anxious sigh.

The illuminative witness of written records is in the main denied us here.