Illumines [verb]

Definition of Illumines:

light up

Synonyms of Illumines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illumines:

Sentence/Example of Illumines:

He had dismissed Hilda Howe, but a glow from the world she helped to illumine showed seductively at the end of his day.

Though the night was gloomy, the flames of the fire spread sufficient light around to illumine the faces of the new comers.

From our furnaces gleam lights which illumine industrial enterprises, and perfect them.

Rome, immense and dominated by a battle of clouds, seemed to illumine the sky.

They illumine the darkness in which my own thoughts have been long revolving in shapeless con fusion.

Her face seemed to illumine the shadows around her; her figure was instinct with grace and strength.

A small flash was observed to illumine the trench—another and a larger one succeeded!

The very magic of them seemed to illumine her face for him, show him its beautiful outlines.

This is seeking to lighten the darkness with a still deeper obscurity; to illumine the day by piling cloud upon cloud.

The pale light floated over her as Ten Euyck came up and seemed to illumine her within a magic circle.