Illusion [noun]

Definition of Illusion:

false appearance; false belief

Opposite/Antonyms of Illusion:

Sentence/Example of Illusion:

Because tech stocks have been soaring to new highs lately, investors should have no illusions about the cost of the shares they’re considering buying.

To give my students the illusion of eye contact, I learned to stare at the green light on my MacBook Air.

Several more recent studies conducted on individuals living in war and earthquake zones mirror Sosis’ finding that rituals give participants a sense — or a comforting illusion — of control over the uncontrollable.

The team wanted the site to look as Mars-like as possible, no factories, footprints or foliage to break the illusion.

We should be looking at these if we have any illusions of sending kids back to school.

But the growing crops are too cleanly and carefully weeded and too uniformly good to protract the illusion.

All this I admit to be the fever of the mind—a waking dream—an illusion to which mesmerism or magic is but a frivolity.

The burning atmosphere, the motionless air caused doubtless the optical illusion.

Nor wilt thou rest forever, weary heart.The last illusion is destroyed,That I eternal thought.

From the first entrance, to the last cry of triumph or despair, the illusion was perfect.