Illusive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Illusive:

It may be conjectured that this hope was illusive, for Bragg had exceedingly accurate sources of information.

"He loves to call a football an 'illusive spheroid,'" chuckled another chap.

But happiness is as illusive as time, and is proved as perspicuously to be but a thing of memory, by the same venerable saint.

How he sickened for the bright translucent waters of the mirage, though he knew them false and illusive as a dream!

Nor has any obscure, mysterious, or illusive point in history been cleared up by the spirits.

What, then, has he gained beyond a momentary illusive pleasure which vanished with the occasion?

The beauty of the dolphin resembled the mystery of the Gulf Stream—too illusive for the eye of man.

The heat veils lifted in ripples, and any object not near at hand seemed illusive.

After a fleeting illusive hope, prudence condemned me to acquiesce in the humble station of a mute.

Deceived by his illusive standard, he has composed a poem which is perpetually fancy, and never passion.