Illusory [adjective]

Definition of Illusory:


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Sentence/Example of Illusory:

Forcing himself to believe that he had been the victim of some kind of illusory perception, he vigorously restrained his feelings.

So these walls and appurtenances made an illusory sort of intrusion into the true vision on which he gazed.

Across the illusory positiveness of his world—immaterial, psychological, ghostly—an intermediate orb—a tangible shadow was thrown.

Upon closer examination of the little town we found that the first impression, gained from a distance, was illusory.

He argues briefly that the alternative systems are illusory because they refer to no 'external standard.'

But even here, at this preliminary stage, we shall find that the equality of opportunity is to a large extent illusory.

I believe the idea of enjoying a free trade to Spain and Portugal is altogether illusory.

The mail contract, which the easy-going Frenchman had thought that he had secured, proved illusory.

Are these distinctions illusory because words are the basis and substance of all these various forms of composition?

The old Calvinism represents the Father as having an illusory perception of men, as if they were clad in a divine righteousness.