Illustrates [verb]

Definition of Illustrates:

demonstrate, exemplify

Opposite/Antonyms of Illustrates:

Sentence/Example of Illustrates:

The campaign was notable for an exploit which admirably illustrates the secret of his success as a soldier.

A simple experiment of Boussingault's illustrates this absorption very strikingly.

The story of this untoward event illustrates at once the morbid habit of his mind and the bitter passions of those times.

The formation of many new counties during this time illustrates the great increase in population which took place.

After much thinking I have arrived at a definition of Swadeshi that, perhaps, best illustrates my meaning.

The legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus strikingly illustrates the wondrous transformation of society.

Let him tak a spring on his ain fiddle, says a proverb that illustrates the coolness with which Donald will bide his time.

It is an old native element recast in Roman form, and well illustrates the Roman principle of local government by devolution.

Here let me tell a curious experience, which illustrates how stubbornly persistent the dramatic laws are, in having their own way.

The same figure also illustrates the most common method of connecting the ends of a boiler to the shell.