Imagery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Imagery:

The company is also obscuring “disturbing imagery” related to the shooting, as is its policy for all graphic images.

Zitnick said that while the software learns some general information on how to generate MRI data, for accurate results it needs to be trained on imagery of one specific body part only.

Lillian created a computer program that gleans information from satellite imagery to estimate the health of crops.

A computer model she built now can predict crop yields based on that imagery.

To take things a step further, you can even combine patriotic imagery with products that are currently in demand and create new items.

Perhaps because she, like many people, had absorbed so much media imagery of women and girls who behave nothing like that.

Sensible people, who delight in exact imagery, of course, are led away by comparisons and metaphors.

The more it has been made the subject of illustration and imagery, the more finished and ornate have been the comminations in use.

In such manner he pleaded, with all the native picturesque imagery of word expression and imagination.

Her account of the bride's trousseau was almost oriental in the splendour and boldness of its imagery.