Imaginative [adjective]

Definition of Imaginative:

creative, inventive

Synonyms of Imaginative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imaginative:

Sentence/Example of Imaginative:

While there, court records say, he developed the idea Judge Liam O’Grady described as “so creative, so imaginative that it had great power and as a result caused such danger to our country.”

Some think the sightings are just imaginative people getting glimpses of giant sturgeon, but we want to believe.

Ruthie’s life isn’t cushy, and it’s made all the more difficult by quite a few men as she grows up, but her worldview is fierce and imaginative.

What we saw doesn't quite match up to a full-fledged Mario Kart game, but it looks like it could add a lot of creativity and imaginative play opportunities to the standard RC car experience.

This is especially true for inquisitive, imaginative, and lovable nerds.

Some of them, more imaginative, declared that Mrs. Charmington was even a sleeping partner in the saponaceous firm.

A less imaginative man than Aristide would have immediately acquainted the police with his discovery.

The brilliant imaginative mind has woven it into romance, making its colors brighter still with the sunlight of inspired phantasy.

The idea of the silence and solitude of the cloister inspired the highly-imaginative girl with a blaze of enthusiasm.

Darling, don't you see—it's because you aren't a clod, because you're sensitive and imaginative that you experience fear.