Imaginativeness [noun]

Definition of Imaginativeness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Imaginativeness:

Sentence/Example of Imaginativeness:

He could, out of sheer imaginativeness, create for himself the style of the stately historian.

Power in action requires some largeness and imaginativeness of vision.

Here lies the distinction between grandiloquence and genuine fancy or bold imaginativeness.

Neither laudanum nor imaginativeness can be held accountable for this declaration of a resolve to write a deceptive letter.

The word hysteria carries an innuendo of imaginativeness or occasionally of affection of the sexual organs that is unfortunate.

The quality and imaginativeness of these frescoes has been termed one of the great contributions to European religious art.

Notable among these elements are a glowing imaginativeness and a rare faithfulness of historical portraiture.

But let not the wanderer indulge in thoughts of this description beyond the bounds of a pleasant imaginativeness.

He did not know how cheap this accomplishment is, and took it for sensibility, imaginativeness, and even originality.

She had not much tenderness for Jack, that was evident, nor much imaginativeness in regard to the feelings of Jacks mother.