Imagined [adjective]

Definition of Imagined:

not real

Synonyms of Imagined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imagined:


Sentence/Example of Imagined:

It was more like the boarding of a ship than any land fight I had ever seen or imagined.

Davy walked through the door-way and found himself in the oddest-looking little country place that could possibly be imagined.

What they would have said to the £150,000 spent on the present building can be better imagined than described.

A more vivid concurrence can scarcely be imagined, since he and Bonaparte were both born in the same year, 1769.

For some extraordinary reason the child imagined that he—well, if it were not pathetic, it would be funny.

Nay; I see fresh reasons for my hope that such concession is far nearer than is generally imagined.

It was not quite so easy a task, however, as he had imagined, to bring the young girl to life again.

I found the formidable looking volume more readable than I had imagined and less difficult to understand than I had expected.

Up to this I had always imagined that I disliked everything in the shape of arithmetic.

To this the guerrillas agreed, and their surprise can be imagined when they found themselves in Foster's camp instead of Coffee's.