Imaging [verb]

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make sense of; define

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After all, brain imaging captures the aggregated and averaged activity of thousands, if not more, neurons simultaneously.

Therefore, researchers find it harder to use trains for imaging near the surface, although scientists like Lavoué's colleague Laura Pinzon-Rincon are working to overcome that hurdle by better understanding the trains’ signals.

Spacety wants to launch a constellation of these satellites to offer high-quality imaging at low cost.

The mystery persisted until Bock teamed up with his postdoctoral fellow Alexander Hertle, who had expertise in live-cell imaging and microscopy.

Samsung built a new imaging processor chipset into the device, but didn’t provide a ton of information about what it is.

In recent years, thanks to brain imaging, scientists have discovered the brain’s preference for weak associations during wakefulness, specifically to dreaming’s cousins, daydreaming and mind-wandering.

The researchers used an imaging technique called micro-computed tomography to study three well-preserved vertebrae from one shark.

This year, the FDA approved a software that uses AI to provide real-time guidance for ultrasound imaging for the heart, essentially allowing those without specialized training to perform the test.

His wide-ranging career includes stints developing software, hardware, imaging algorithms, teleconferencing techniques, and much more.

The only way to know for sure what kind of fat you’re carrying in your stomach is through imaging, which, Srinath says, isn’t typically done in clinical practice.