Imbedding [verb]

Definition of Imbedding:

put, tuck in

Synonyms of Imbedding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbedding:

Sentence/Example of Imbedding:

Quite a few of these bullets would go into a dirt bank and imbed themselves so deeply that they couldn't be recovered.

Two broad tongues, for attachment to a belt, are inserted in the rear; and the reverse is filled with lead to imbed the fasteners.

It was a common practice in those days to imbed such things in the corner stones of buildings.

The deer meat is laid upon the stones of the beach and particles of grit imbed themselves in the substance.

Then imbed the tray in pitch and outline the design by following the lines with a narrow chasing tool.

Sharp arrows would imbed themselves too deeply in trees to be easily extracted.

Don't imbed the crystal in solder as the heat destroys its sensitivity.

Thus the teeth on one wheel will wear to imbed one upon the other.

Imbed the mould in ice and salt (four parts ice to one part salt).

The hawk now shifts one foot from the shoulder to the head; two claws imbed themselves in the face and neck.