Imbibing [verb]

Definition of Imbibing:

drink, often heavily

Synonyms of Imbibing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbibing:



Sentence/Example of Imbibing:

You have been imbibing the drop too much and will hear of this from the Company.

If it be left exposed to the atmosphere, it will of itself, by gradually imbibing moisture, fall into the state of powder.

That winter John Paul spent striving in vain for a better ship, and imbibing tactics from the French admirals.

Some of the women laughed also in a manner which testified to the brand of “tea” they had been imbibing that morning.

It has already been said, that Hume appears to have suspected that his nephew, David, was imbibing republican principles.

He ate with resolute appetite, and let slip few opportunities of imbibing whatever liquids happened to be passing by.

It is not a comfortable process but it is considerably better than imbibing deadly gas.

No true poet could live in any age without imbibing and reflecting its spirit, and that to a much greater degree than other men.

Far rather would you be imbibing porter with Widdicomb than drinking hermitage with his Grace—and O!

The popular method of imbibing the charm of Dunloe is a combination of picnic, al fresco luncheons, and donkey-riding.