Imbroglios [noun]

Definition of Imbroglios:

misunderstanding; fight

Synonyms of Imbroglios:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbroglios:

Sentence/Example of Imbroglios:

Relevant editors appeared to have been aware of Barrett’s plagiarism incidents but not so much about the imbroglio over her Post story, according to a staffer at the meeting.

The NBA estimates the imbroglio cost $400 million in lost revenue.

Hence, as the intelligent reader can foresee, this groom has a part to play in the imbroglio.

It was strange to get news again, and strike suddenly into this extraordinary Chinese imbroglio.

And indeed his world is one huge imbroglio of Potentialities and Diplomatic Intricacies, agitating to behold.

What was to come of this strange imbroglio in which I now stood; how was Fate about to deal with me?

It is a short story of seventy-five small pages only and of the Italian-Spanish imbroglio type.

The imbroglio with Russia had at this time scarcely earned the name of war.

It had not required this to make it a hideous imbroglio, the most foolish and wanton that ever a woman made.

From the beginning of the Egyptian imbroglio Lord Randolph was emphatically opposed to almost every step taken by the government.