Imbues [verb]

Definition of Imbues:

infuse, saturate

Synonyms of Imbues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbues:

Sentence/Example of Imbues:

Her father, a prominent Jamaican economics professor teaching at Stanford, was trying to imbue his two American-born girls with a sense of pride in their roots.

From the get, Thomas imbues Maverick with innocence, humor and street smarts.

This was a society in the 19th and early 20th century that was imbued with militaristic values.

The artists also imbue their pieces with their own styles, adding dashes of personality, spontaneity, and joy.

She imbues inanimate structures with energy and personality.

This something, which, itself unseen, imbues the whole with life and soul—this constitutes the art itself.

It imbues all classes with a respect for the thing judged, and with the notion of right.

I take dyes in the sense of tinges, imbues with, and make it governed of zeal.

It imbues the entire character, and contains in itself the motive of all Christian conduct.

The minister can render a service when he imbues his people with the highest ideals of business morality.