Imitate [verb]

Definition of Imitate:

pretend to be; do an impression of

Opposite/Antonyms of Imitate:

Sentence/Example of Imitate:

Though Cobham-Hervey is Australian, just like the singer, imitating Reddy’s speech patterns wasn’t the easiest task.

It really felt like a melding of my two worlds—life was imitating art there for sure, and it felt special.

Others contain materials that imitate part of a disease-causing agent.

Frauds imitate the ways science works because even they recognize the power of a scientific approach.

The frauds and paranoid conspiracy-mongers who would perpetrate false science on a susceptible public are at least recognizing the value of science—they imitate it.

They imitate the ways in which science works and make claims as if they were scientists because even they recognize the power of a scientific approach.

For over a decade, Haile led Chartbeat, the newsroom analytics tool that became the pulse of media companies imitating Silicon Valley.

In the year 1600, the English scientist William Gilbert’s studies of lodestones — naturally magnetized rocks that people had been fashioning into compasses for thousands of years — led him to opine that their magnetic force “imitates a soul.”

Whatever the species, it is well to imitate the natural conditions as much as possible in the way of soil.

Let us imitate the example of the Great Powers; they cannot exist alone, however strong and great they may be.