Imitating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Imitating:

When he adjusted the field to imitate those in the open ocean west of Africa, the turtles swam toward the northwest, likewise ostensibly enabling them to remain within the gyre.

Have your partner stay in the guest room and imitate the kind of noises likely to come out of a typical lovemaking session.

To call Takashi Murakami just an artist is missing the point because when life starts to imitate art, it’s more than all of that.

That phrase may imitate the majestic gait of profundity, but it’s really just a colorful balloon animal.

We’re not trying to imitate, we’re just driven by pure passion and what our players like.

The eight-inch, 5x magnification mirror has a built-in sensor that detects you as you approach and brags LED lights to imitate natural sunlight.

That remained for M. Dolland, a celebrated physician, to do; and he did it by studying and imitating the formation of the eye.

The nave is modern (by Street, 1877), imitating the choir of the 14th century, with its curious skeleton-vaulting in the aisles.

In one respect, however, our poets have been far from imitating the great German.

Her teacher said he had never seen surpassed her genius of imitating the roundness and softness of flesh.