Imitator [noun]

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So imitating royal funerary practices may have been a display of social status.

Happy lamps are designed to imitate natural sunlight and correct disturbances to the circadian rhythm.

The team’s shot selection combined Morey’s algorithms with the star who embodied them more than any other NBA player ever has — an approach that came to be often imitated but never perfected like the Rockets at their peak.

The category, for which IBM received 2,789 patents last year, appears to span a wide variety of inventions related to so-called neural networks and other techniques that imitate brain functions.

Perhaps the most odd performance was that of "Cat Harris," an imitator of the voice of cats in 1747.

I have entered upon a performance which is without example, whose accomplishment will have no imitator.

In the latter I was a close imitator—rather doing as others had done, than putting down the suggestions of my own mind.

Can you believe that I once had a well-deserved reputation in several nurseries as a farmyard imitator?

M. Decorde calls him an imitator of Alfred de Musset, who was sometimes successful!

Colonel Ingersol spoke the truth in a recent lecture when he said that a realist can be no more than an imitator or a copyist.