Immaculateness [noun]

Definition of Immaculateness:


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Sentence/Example of Immaculateness:

Mrs. Brand's critical glance weighed his smallness, his immaculateness, his difference from her own great sons.

An obese individual sometimes surprises us, however, by his ambition and immaculateness.

You are really inimitable, you stern guardians of morals and most sapient defenders of the immaculateness of the State!

Indeed, he seemed one whom no condition or circumstance could deprive of a cool immaculateness.

Her immaculateness of body and spirit is not a superficial acquisition but a fundamental expression of her real self.

And what new instance of his immaculateness has induced this sapient belief?

There is a halo of immaculateness about him: cleanliness is in the very atmosphere when he is near.

His shirt buttons were gone, and the bosom was guiltless of its former immaculateness.

I have observed several times that the immaculateness of his manipulators has not been extremely noticeable.

It will be no spick and span and polished house, with an immaculateness that testifies to the tragedy of drudge.