Immeasurably [adverb]

Definition of Immeasurably:


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Sentence/Example of Immeasurably:

Somewhat resembling Pope's "Essay on Man" in style and subject, it is immeasurably superior in poetical genius.

Your agreeing to this will only immeasurably deepen, instead of lessening our inexpressible obligation.'

"As I see it, Krell can help us immeasurably in our search through the wreck-pack for fuel," he said.

Therefore when she planned any little trip like that of to-day, he was immeasurably pleased.

They were immeasurably more important, however, from the standpoint of material contributions to the Machine.

If it were not so, the value of such public-spirited meetings as this would be immeasurably discounted.

That was the cause of the immeasurably superior gunnery of the Japanese at the decisive naval battle of Tsushima.

Rocks and rivers perhaps cannot die, or at least their life immeasurably exceeds that of men.

Unlike—yes, and immeasurably inferior, and yet in spite of this the Corinthians put up with it well enough.

Our elective judiciary has contributed immeasurably to the vicious, demoralizing spirit of the age.