Immensely [adjective]

Definition of Immensely:

in addition

Synonyms of Immensely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immensely:

Sentence/Example of Immensely:

Over the next two weeks, state officials moved forward with importing the South Korean tests — an effort that Hogan repeatedly described as immensely complicated.

What’s unique about pandemic-related grief, however, is that it’s both immensely personal and societally consuming.

The dreams added immensely to the resources Jung could draw upon in crafting his theories.

In this digital age, where people mostly spend their time online on social networking sites, it will benefit your business immensely to leverage the power of integrated CRO and social media.

Initially, the supplemental pandemic unemployment helped immensely.

I fear that I may never be able to stop chastising myself for even minor mistakes, a tendency that has grown immensely since the crash.

Not only have expectations gone up immensely due to the standard-setting performance of the biggest brands in the world, but there’s also far more competition out there than ever before — and it’s so much harder to stand out.

We have benefited immensely from electricity with no carbon emissions.

Like in India, TikTok is immensely popular in Pakistan, said Danish Khalid, an executive at Bykea, a Karachi-headquartered ride-hailing startup.

They help immensely with mask fit, which means better filtration efficiency.