Immensity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Immensity:

Thus wanderingMy thought in this immensity is drowned;And sweet to me is shipwreck on this sea.

Everything relating to human affairs seemed dwarfed in such immensity.

Our people, separated from yours by the immensity of the seas and vast territories, could not harm your nation.

Such immensity is of night, and, added to solitude, weighed heavily on Gilliatt's mind.

One stands before it awed, stupefied by its immensity, its age, its strange manner of growing.

I realized that his mind was lost in conjecture, and that he was absorbed in the mysteries of the scientific immensity.

The very immensity of the continent, its varied fertility and resources, and its grand and wild features, led to this.

I daresay that it is difficult to believe in the immensity of a disaster.

Our planet is only a grain of dust floating in the immensity of Heaven.

To go forward seemed impossible, to fight against that immensity impossible.