Immersed [adjective]

Definition of Immersed:

deeply involved with

Synonyms of Immersed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immersed:

Sentence/Example of Immersed:

Should the vapor not condense well, the test-tube may be immersed in a glass of cold water.

The callous Justice passed on to the next stye, immersed in thought.

Some of the latter were so diaphanous as to be perfectly invisible when immersed in the water.

Besides, he was immersed in military preparations, summoning reinforcements and hurrying up supplies.

The victim said "nine," immersed in his paper again, studying that living room suite.

Generally at such times she did not think of anything, but lay immersed in an inarticulate well-being.

But man, immersed in the flux of sensualities, can never fully attain this knowledge of God, the object of all rational inquiry.

Such a contrivance helps to improve the leeway of so shallow a boat, although not proportionately to the area immersed.

About half this great counter was permanently immersed, and when a boat laid over, almost the whole of it came into bearing.

On the evening following, the forearm was immersed in a bowl of hot permanganate solution containing a little caustic potash.