Immersing [verb]

Definition of Immersing:

submerge in liquid

Synonyms of Immersing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immersing:

Sentence/Example of Immersing:

Thanks to Jung, Pauli had become immersed in the studies of mysticism, numerology, and ancient symbolism.

I was immersed in the tech world and quickly realized there was a huge gap in brand creative for tech companies.

So being able to get out and actually immerse yourself in the experience of the place is really important.

He spent the next several years immersed not only in the biographies of the founders but also in their reading lists.

In the end, we decided that being immersed in the current pandemic was enough for us.

Modern video games are incredibly engaging for players of all ages, and blockbusters like Fortnite are dominating with their ability to immerse players in a new world.

The only people ever fully immersed in deep-space radiation were those who went to the moon.

If you’ve spent a life immersed in a given subject, you know these people on an intimate level.

Finally, we’ll immerse ourselves in an open-ended game contributed by a Quanta reader that resembles Conway’s iconic Game of Life.

During what psychologists call “flow states,” where one is completely immersed and absorbed in a mental or physical act, people often report an altered sense of time, place, and self.